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Pollutants covered by this webquest include the six criteria air pollutants sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, particulates, lead as well as the ones added by the 1990. Air pollution is the introduction of particulates, biological molecules, or other harmful materials into earths atmosphere, causing diseases, death to humans, damage to other living organisms such as animals and food crops, or the natural or built environment. Young people need to understand that they can make a difference in our planets health, too. What is the difference between point source pollution and nonpoint source pollution. Groundwater pollution is much more difficult to clean up than surface pollution because groundwater can move hundreds of miles through unseen aquifers. Apes leslie unit 7 worksheetsstudy guides flashcards. The effects of air pollution can have devastating effects on our health and the environment. The world health organization says poor air quality contributes to seven million deaths each year worldwide. Ap environmental science water pollution webquest use the links provided to find your answers. Our goal is to help you teach children about timely topics like air quality, air pollution, and climate change, and to help you talk about actions that can make earths air cleaner. The pack links to both science and english in the 2014 national curriculum. It will give them the opportunity to discuss the causes, effects and solutions to the problem. Humans tend to be wasteful and pollution has destroyed much of our planet already. This lesson contains a variety of activities that provide a conclusion to the air quality lessons.

The first step to fetch the pdf files or images that you would want to merge. We will do a website search to learn more about air pollution. Powered by create your own unique website with customizable templates. This webquest is designed to help students develop a better understanding of pollution. Why was pollution a major drawback to these advances. Answering key questions on air pollution and public health.

The purpose of this webquest is to inform students about the growing problem of pollution. This webquest is designed to help students develop a better understanding of the causes of waste and pollution as well as ways we can prevent pollution and our responsibilities in regard to protecting our earth. Student will work in groups of three and with partner to discover and explore air pollution. List some of the consequences of unregulated pointsource pollution. Environmental protection agency epa studies of human exposure to air pollution indicate that indoor levels of pollutants may be 25 times, and occa. Air pollution is a broad term applied to all physical particulate matter, chemical, and biological agents that modify the natural characteristics of the atmosphere. Working with your partner you will develop a presentation that would be fitting for elementary school students who will be learning about about pollution. Air pollution water pollution soil pollution noise pollution light pollution. Porous, finegrained layers such as sands and sandstones naturally purify water by simple filtration.

The environmental protection agency epa is a federal government agency that works to make a cleaner and healthier environment for americans. In this educational resource page you will find lesson plans and teaching tips about science learn more about the ozone, carbon dioxide, pollution, waste, greenhouse gases, and smoke. Air pollution webquest by jessica w teachers pay teachers. Identify the names of the us policies that significantly decreased pollution in our country. Air pollution is created by cars, which release carbon dioxide. Some solutions make copies of the air pollution strips on student handouts 1, 2, 3, and 4. Your presentation will be based upon the five main questions asked of you in the task section. Give two examples of point source air pollution just look at air. What changes were made in 1990 to the clean air act.

We pollute the water by dumping garbage and chemicals in the. Air pollutants are classified as either primary or secondary. Students will also be able to discuss ideas and plans to help decrease and prevent pollution of our land, air and water. One of the most important causes of pollution is the high rate of energy usage by modern, growing populations. I allowed my students to choose 4 to explore and research.

At the end of class, each group will present on what they read. This webquest is designed to help students develop a better understanding of the causes of waste and pollution as well as ways we can prevent pollution and. We pollute the air with our cars, homes, and factories. Grade 45 research project and presentation introduction. Air pollution lesson plans and lesson ideas brainpop educators.

Overview of the lesson scope and purpose of the lesson. Students will be able to identify the causes and effects of the three main types of pollution. Inventory, narrowing this data down to air pollution sources within their state and county, then determining what the largest emitters of these pollutants are. State of the air webquest state of the air is a website published by the american lung association. In hawaii, volcanic activity also contributes to air pollution, which sometimes reduces the visibility over the islands, causing a smoglike condition called.

Explain the cause of most nonpoint source pollution thoroughly. As students enter the classroom, hand each of them an air pollution strip there are 35 stripsif you have. Then, get the second paper, download the file, and answer the questions. This topic includes makeamap, makeamovie, creative coding, worksheet, graphic organizer, and gameup, available only on desktop andor tablet. All the content from the worksheets, video study guides, webquests, etc. Observe the diagram depicting nonpoint source pollution and formulate a working definition based upon the information available. This is a word document that you may edit and will need to in order to change the county of your school and city where you live. Brainpop educators is proudly powered by wordpress and piklist. State of the air air quality webquest aurum science. How to merge several pdfs or images into a single file.

Air pollution level 4 or air pollution level 5 make sure you try all of the online activities for this reading and listening there are dictations, multiple choice, drag and drop activities, crosswords, hangman, flash cards, matching activities and a whole lot more. Students will examine the health symptoms caused by specific pollutants. It will help children to understand the key issues around air pollution in london and show how they can use their influence to help effect change for cleaner, safer air. You are an environmental scientist, and you must prepare a powerpoint presentation on what you see, what you know and what you think is the best for that area to. As our world population continues to grow, the problem of pollution continues to grow as well. What is the definition of nonpoint source pollution. Pollution and conservation reading there are many kinds of pollution. Environmental protection agency epa studies of human exposure to air pollution indicate that indoor levels of pollutants may be 25 times, and occasionally more than. Sort the words into the two categories using a tchart or another organizational chart. In this webquest, you will research cities and states with good, and notsoclean air, and make suggestions for how cities with pollution problems can clean up their act.

Some pollution is caused by nature, such as floods, forest fires, and volcanoes. Use the web sites listed below to answer the questions. Welcome to your first environmental science webquest in this webquest it is your mission to look at an area or town and come up with solutions that you think will make a difference. This is a great resource to provide a local context for the unit. Students will explore 7 webquest categories which all relate to air quality and pollution. Epa national emissions inventory all three habitable planet videos atmosphere, atmospheric pollution, the earths changing climate an inconvenient truth. Identify 3 ways we know if the clean air act is working.

Read the article that has been assigned to your group and then, as a group, answer the following questions. Pollution is anything that is in the air, soil, or water and degrades or lowers the quality of the environment. Each county within a state is assigned a letter grade based on levels of ground ozone and particulate pollution. Students will also share and discuss other environmental solutions associated with the problems they have just researched. Pollution is the addition to the ecosystem of someting which has a detrimental effect on it. What is are the types of pollution discu ssed in your article. Create a list of words that remind you of pollution and words that remind you of a clean environment. What are the five major air pollutants regulate by the epa according to the clean air act.

According to the people in the know the ones writing your exams, you need to knowbe able to do the following. In this activity, students will create a colorcoded map of their state based on the information given by this website. Air pollution is one major issue that affects us every day. Air pollution health crisis this pack includes lesson ideas and resources for key stage 2. Air pollution air pollutants are classified as either. Air pollution educator resources for air pollution cough, cough. Share the related water, air, noise, ocean, soil, light and land pollution and oil spills lessons for each lesson plan with students in class to make learning fun and engaging. In this environmental solutions lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades 6 through 8, students use brainpop resources, a webquest, and a graphic organizer to investigate different environmental problems. You may have to click the links on the side of the webpage. Have students think of one way they can help to keep our air, water, and land clean. Explain how large livestock farms contribute to point source pollution. Give two examples of nonpoint source air pollution just look at air.

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